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² talmul sarang - se7en

^ sabi nga ni jhocel, nagse-se7en na din ako! pero yung music lang, not really the person. XD at sigruo nga, yung talent. XD XD


Ûhappy birthday 26th ZAIZAI!!Û


wala akong birthday graphic dahil wala akong picture niya! wahaha! kahapon pala ang birthday ni victor basa! i double checked, it's not jun 9, but jun 8. so yeah, belated happy 22nd to him and congratulations to him and verniece (i wish it was me. ill just contain myself with my namesake.) for winning the 3rd batch on stars on ice! yey! i hope they do well in the finals! i wonder why his birthday was never mentioned. i know it's pre-taped but still...


wah! i badly need a dvd of i really really like you! adik na talaga ko! agent kim pala name ni robocop! he's so hot! and that guy from rainbow romance is really cute! im not talking about lee minki.


green forest will be shown on qtv, it'll be replacing sound of colors. ok, i dont care about yanyan and leon williams, ang importante ay si ETHAN RUAN!! wah!! kelangan ko magpuyat para sa kanya! oh yes, tanghaling tapat ang pagpupuyat ko. how appropriate. XD


wah! nakakaloka naman yung boys night out sa pbb! apektado kame! wahaha! ka-text ko si jhocel at edline nung mga panahong yun! bigay na bigay si mickey and robert! at si nel, wala naman akong pakielam kahit anong gawin niya dun no. ang corny ni bruce, masyadong ander kay wendy! kakahiya siya! btw, wendy's like, "boys night out, walang girls diyan." duh wendy, ano bang hobby ng boys, diba girls? are you kidding me?


nakakainis! super unfair ni kuya! hindi natapos ni bruce at wendy yung task pero pinagbigyan sila that they can use their hands na din. duh. unfair. nagpakahirap si mickey, robert and nel to complete the 50 tuhod kicks tapos sila pagbibigyan lang ng ganun. yes, they tried their best, but they still didnt accomplish the task, super obvious na yung pagkampi nila kina wendy and bruce. nakakainis silang panoorin na dalawa! napapamura na talaga ko! isusulat na nga siya ni jhocel sa death note! wahaha!!


on the other hand, super kilig ang mickey-geeann loveteam! may angst siya when she found out about the boys night out ha! affected! she's jealous, now that's proof that she has feelings for our boy mickey! napa-YES! talaga ko nun! haha! super ngiti ako! at malamang yung 2 kong ka-text din. at super hug sila after mickey accomplished the soccer task. uy, may inspiration kase! haha, and my question is: what is that song playing when mickey and geeann were in the kitchen?


kakatawa si bodie! iniwan! and when he woke up, umapela talaga! what can we do, boys will be boys. i told jhocel, dapat si bodie na lang matanggal dahil siya lang walang ka-loveteam then i remembered he has a loveteam - our dear buddy. bodie and buddy happy together. wahaha! im so mean. oops, i have to be nice na to him, gusto pala talaga siya ni edline. dati was joking na since mel likes zeke, i like kian, jhocel likes mickey, edline has bodie, yun pala like talaga ni edline si bodie! so yeah, let's be nice to bodie from now on.


Sabi pala ni ryza jie, break na si zaizai at da s! wahaha!!! What a birthday gift!! Isa yang BREAKING NEWS! Literally!


and I took pictures… bawal kontra. =p


^ first time ko mag-pose nung may peace sign sa face! lol! ginagaya ko kase si eunyoung sa to marry a millionaire! wahaha!

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² promise - se7en

^ i love love this song! i just adore se7en slow tempo songs! i just hate it when they insert "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7..." i mean seriously, do they have to do it in every freaking song?


moving on...


adik na ko sa love truly / i really really like you! im so looking for a dvd! but i still dong like lee minki. haha! doctor is super nice kase. and shinbi is so cute! (lol. why is she still shinbi, this isnt wonderful life, anne!) and the bodyguards are really hot! that one bodyguard is also from rainbow romance right?


i was watching 24 oras earlier, that person who pretended to be a congressman's son was caught na. and there's more to the story, it's kind of cool. lol. anyway, he was on news a few weeks back because he hit this taxi and settled by issuing a check worth P5000. the sad thing is, the police werent able to do anything cause his car had a number 8 plate and he said he was cong. singson's son. cong. singson was then interviewed and denied that he's his son. fast forward, he was seen at a restaurant, once again drunk. my gulay, this guy is always drunk. and here's the interesting part, not only did he lie about his identity, he has this modus operandi. he goes by multiple names, like ricky singson and mike de venecia, he fronts as a politician's son, dates rich girls and robs them. woah. i never thought there's really such a thing! i thought this only happens in minwoo fics! lol! promise, i read one fic, minwoo's job was like that. haha!


kingone is in silence pala! he play megan lai's friend. he was in mars, and now he's in silence. gosh, zaizai, megan and him never want to separate, dont they? btw, i really prefer him with longer hair.


wah! i was watching here comes the bride earlier, and there was this scene that the guy was proposing and he was reciting some poem. i thought, "that sounds familiar.." then it hit me - IT'S PABLO NERUDA'S I DO NOT LOVE YOU!! asfjdghjfghdkjh! feeling ko tuloy bigla, super gasgas na that poem. lol! but i think his proposal was more romantic than the other one.


gawd!! i hate wendy! feelingera!! pagselosan ba si geeann?! she's damn insecure of her eversince! i swear, for the 126 day duration of pbb, she's so insecure of her! she's so ksp! and why is he allowed to bend rules just like that? she suddenly wriggled out of the jacket she shares with bruce for the kambal tuko task. isnt that sign of disrespect for kuya's orders, she should be punished for that! or are they going to ignore this again and favor wendy? argh, that wouldnt surprise me at all. this entire thing is a hoax. but im still watching it, haha, it's a guilty pleasure. i swear, i was so pissed at her that i wanted to borrow that scissor from micky and stick it on her neck! if she's mad at bruce because he's getting close to bea and geeann recently, why is she singling geeann out? and she's saying she's not mad at her? oh come on! she's the malicious one and yet she's blaming it all on bruce. not that im taking bruce's side cause i lost all my respect for him already. and besides, why is she acting that way? is there any formal word from both of them that they're boyfriend-girlfriend? she's too much! she's too paranoid because nicotine's clogging her little head. and the revelation - CRUSH NI BRUCE SI GEEANN DATI! wahaha! eat that wendy!


wah! they reminisced mickey-geeann moments from day 1! that little cheerleader dance is so cute, they really match! mickey thinks geeann is a prospect girlfriend and nel notices how mickey talks about geeann. aww. again, my kilig is up to my eyeball! wahaha! in as much as i also want them to, you know, get closer outside the house, mickey lives in switzerland! i think geeann deserves someone like mickey or kian, although zeke and geeann might have an exciting story, i feel like geeann might have a hard time with him. zeke's personality is so extra-ordinary kase. but dont get me wrong, i love zeke.


i have new review over at my multiply:

House Of Fury (2005)

Seoul Raiders (2005)


I finally posted my comments on:

Hana Yori Dango 2 (2007)

Peach Girl (2001) - without Episode 9 cause I didnt know I skipped it *bonk*

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² come back to me part 2 - se7en


i went online kanina to watch why why love's 16 minute preview. pag magtetext si ryza jie bigla akong napapa-online eh! haha!


first off... found out some stuff:

> papa shawn yue is in ayumi hamasaki's latest mv. ayumi recently went to hk to shoot the mv. aww papa shawn <3.

> shu qi's english name is fanny? fanny shu? eww! first it was jun jihyun with gianna and now shu qi with fanny? what the heck?

> kim junghoon and vivian hsu will de doing a taiwanese drama together. uy, masaya si jhocel at ate edcel! mga maka-vivian na yul camper!

> zaizai and zhou xun will be doing a movie together. wow. big time! that's zhou xun! i actually like her, i saw her in balzac and the little chinese seamstress a few years back (they showed a tagalized version at cinemaone, i watched it because chen kun used dao ming si's voice. wehere. cant blame me, i was f4/meteor garden crazy back then.) and i agree with all the award giving bodies, she's areally a good actress.

> han chaeyoung got married recently. i read in an article before that her fiancee is rich and half-american? i forgot but it's either he went school in another country or he's mixed.

> rain has a hollywood movie nga! ate ces is right after all! it's not the matrix, the title is speed racer and among the cast, i remember susan sarandon and emile hirsch. i love emile hirsch.



(1) that's angela zhang and wu zun. my, the height difference. but i guess nothing beats ariel and joe when it comes to height difference. (2) vanness and the horse! wahaha! he needs some horse backriding skill for his new movie.


from this point on, i will be talking about why why love, rainie and mike. XD


gawd! english subs for wwl's episode 1 is out! according to af, you may find the dls here:

for hardsubs ->   

for softsubs ->


ok so my main purpose was to watch the 16 minute preview and i so did. noone and nothing can stop me, except for brownout. that didnt happen, thank God. gawd. RM drove me nuts again! ryza jie was right, she said that the preview made her fall in love with RM all over again and i did too! their chemistry level is up to my eyeballs! wah! omg, mike, you're so hot! I HATE YOU!!! XD wahaha! some scenes that im super duper excited to watch:

1) all the kissing scenes (duh, of course!)

2) when RM were talking on the phone, it was raining, they were on either sides of the street, rainie was under a waiting shed, the kingone came in his cute olive green car (i love the car!) with an umbrella, he was fetching rainie, mike was looking on from the other side of the street, with tears running down his face. aww. wait was that tears or raindrops? but whatever. i love that scene!

3) when RM kissed and kingone saw it, when rainie and kingone kissed and mike saw it. XD

4) when mike leaned his face to rainie's, rainie shut her eyes cause she thought mike was going to kiss her, mike flicks her on the forehead instead. ang adik! wahaha!

5) and everything in this gif!!!


^ super screencaps ako while watching the clip!


^ i only have two screencaps for rainie and kingone. yes, im biased.


^ i didn't make this gif but it's so cute and kilig! love it!


ok, this is like a 5 way love thingy, love hexagon? from what i understood, in the beginning, mike likes this other girl, who likes kingone (cause there was a scene that they kissed, is she like his secretary?). then mike and kingone will eventually like rainie (yeah, that's the main love triangle), then there's thing also between rainie's bestfriend and mike (cause there was a scene where mike was hugging the bestfriend, prolly consoling her, then rainie saw it.) so parang secretary girl -> kingone -> rainie <-> mike <- bestfriend. and i think at some point, looks like rainie and kingone were dating then kingone got mad or something? there was a scene where rainie was running after kingone's car. gosh! these random scenes make me excite even more! but correct me if im wrong, im just guessing here.


i learned from AF that kingone sang the opening song for the series while rainie sang the ending song. i havent dled any of the songs. maybe next time.


pictures from the wwl fans day on june 5:



(1-3) hmm, so RM, what's the color motif for the day? peach. hmmm.... (4) KAMUSTA NAMAN ANG MGA TINGIN NA YAN NI PAPA MIKE? WAH!!!


^wah!! ang cute!!!


^is this a freaking action movie?



(7) ang pretty ni rainie!! (8) this is so funny! this was her gift for her 23rd birthday - a freaking macho man! wahaha!


on with the articles that i promised last time... the order is from most recent to older articles. XD btw, im just posting some parts, not the entire translation.


1st - posted by xiaotian_lover, translated by apple_juice, source: easttoday


With the strong competition with other tv station, "Why Why Love" was shown last Sunday and got the champion for the viewing ranking between 15 to 44 years old.


Although it didn't get the highest rating, Mike said that in the future he will try hard to promote this drama and will not give up that easily. Mike said "The interesting part hasn't come out yet. It takes the time, don't be anxious." Rainie Yang at the side said "If the rating really break 9, then Mike and Kingone wear t-shaped trousers (???) for everyone to see." Kingone after hearing that said, "Why don't you wear the bikini." Rainie didn't answer the question. Mike said "Don't want la, the whole dramatic team include the director afraid that you are wearing too little. This will ruin your cutie princess image and our eyes will also pain to see it. You better wear more." Rainie turns angry and didn't know what to say.


~~ wah! this was their condition 2 years ago with devil beside you! they said the same thing - if they were going to surpass prince turned frog's ratings, rainie will wear a bikini and kingone and mike will wear trunks? haha! so it's the same this year huh? funny, their rival drama is once again a ming dao-joe chen series. im sure this is not a coincidence. it's unfair though cause wwl's showing in two stations while that series is only showing on settv. of course, fans wouldnt mind missing the first showing on cts when they can watch the following saturday on gtv. i hope wwl fans get aggressive and go for the gold! lol! gosh, why am i like this when it comes to RM? i just love them so! ok, back to the article, im blabbing to much here, HMM, SOMEONE'S GETTING A LITTLE PROTECTIVE... wahaha! mike is so concern about rainie's wearing a bikini. i really smell something.




An interviewer asked "Is there any chance of you [rainie and mike]  forming a relationship offscreen?"

Rainie: ok,..ok

Mike: i reckon these feelings shouldnt be excluded in the future.. its hard  to say. Its hard to say that maybe one day i might be particularly interested in  her word (literal translation, i dunno wat it meant, maybe its another way  of referring to Rainie), that's possible too.

R: you're so quick (assumably referring to his answering)

M: Maybe someday we could be like dat.


~~ si mike talaga sumagot! aww. im out of words. mike, i remember what you said 2 years ago! you said, "maybe in 5 years..." you have 3 years left! and remember my prediction? they will be together one year after their second collaboration. so im giving them until mid-2008 to hook up and if it's still not going to happen. im so giving up on RM. that's what i told ryza jie. lol. kamusta naman ako diba? *baliw*


3rd - posted and translated by apple_juice


Ranie Yang kawaii? Mike He don't want to say it out.


Mike He, Rainie Yang and Kingone recently shooting picture for WWL.  There of them often get together, bickering and playing, teasing each  other. All the words that come out from their mouth is not gooo to hear.  Mike and Kingone used to see Rainie wearing common people looks.  When Rainie suddenly wear princess cloths, Mike He cannott bear and  secretly tell the staff "Looks like doll, very cute, but don't tell her I say  she is cute." While Kingone just keep smiling, didn't say anything, and  keep playing with the accesories used by Rainie for taking photo.


The picture is taking 2 handsome guys, felt jealous with each other.  Rainie proudly said "Are you fighting for me." Kingone after listening to  what Rainie had said, he reply "We are fighting for the woody people,  not you.". Making Rainie angry.


~~ haha! wah si mike naman! super kinikilig tuloy ako! at si kingone, super play na lang siya with rainie's accessories. lol! kingone and mike really love teasing her.


4th - posted and translated by apple_juice


Rainie Yang in this drama has a lot of kissing scene with both actors.  There is one kissing scene when Rainie was drinking too much  wine/alcohol and need to kissing with Mike. In order for the scene to look  real, Rainie really drink some alcohol. Rainie said, "Mike who at the side  also want to drink. Mike said "Where got, I am very expet at acting  drinking alcohol scene." Again both of them started to quarrel(like  couple), the relationship between them look so good. Kingone stand  aside silently.


~~ ryza jie and i are super excited to see this scene!


When asking about her relationship with Xiao Zhu, she said we are only  from the same company, Mike at the side also help Rainie, ended up with  his own rumuor. Rainie in turns help Mike and said "He and the  management company manager was also not real, cause if it is real,  there should be photograph." Mike who have rumour with Rainie before  said that they all know each other very well, so it is easy for them to  enter the drama story. For Rainie and Xiao Zhu rumour, Mike said "She  likes which type, I have no concept."


~~ uy!!! rainie, ano bang type mo?


 Mike and Rainie collaborate for the second  time, when compare with other actress he had collaborated with, how  about Rainie? Mike said "Rainie is more friendly and easy communcate  with other people. Liu Jie Yin more shy."


~~ easy to communicate with daw oh!


5th - posted and translated by apple_juice


Another part about Rainie wish to change wat?


Mike : You want to change wat. Your body figure.

Rainie : I don't want body figure.

Kingone: Breast?

Rainie : My body figure is now OK.

Mike : I didn't say not OK!

Rainie : Then why need to change?

Mike : Just change for the better.

Rainie : Ok la, then change for, I also don't know. Then change for more  money.

Mike : You... This not realistic.

Rainie : I am realistic. Come on..

Mike : Come on leh.. Come on go for where?

Rainie : I have been poor before.

Mike : Who didn't been poor before?

Kingone : You are affect by the drama.

Mike : Ya, affect by the drama.

Rainie : Ireally been poor before. So, I wish to have more money, put in  bank so that my mum did not need to worry.


~~ i love the part where mike said, "i didnt say it's not ok!" wahaha! parang he's afraid rainie will get mad at him. haha! and yeah, rainie loves her mom so much. she's very consistent about that.


6th - posted and translated by apple_juice


Working with Mike and Kingone, Rainie turn from "Cutie princess" to  "Misfortune princess". Either is the past drama "Devil Beside You" or the  recent drama "Why Why Love", Mike and Kingone like to tease Rainie  during shooting free time. When Rainie was using handphone, then both  of them will shouted at the side saying "Rainie is talking to her boyfriend."  Rainie who was angry said that "If I have any rumour again, I will count  with you all."


~~ wahaha! they just love teasing rainie!


Although Rainie is always teased by Mike and Rainie, the heaven is still  traet Rainie very good. When shooting outdoor scene, there is always  raining. But when rainie appeared, the rain will stopped. That is why  Rainie is called "sunny angel" Besides that, Rainie "sleeping skill" also  make Mike and Kingone impressed. Because whenever Rainie is, she still  can sleep. Rainie said "I am very easy to fall asleep, if got time, even five  minutes, I just close my eye then I will fall asleep."


~~ wahaha! kamusta naman yan?! rainie is the sunny angel! isnt that so contradicting? haha! and rainie's sleeping skills? wahaha! ganyan ata talaga if you dont get much sleep!


7th - posted and translated by apple_juice


Mike He this year was mistaken by people as An Ting Ya, the person who  bring a girl to hotel, letting Mike don't know want to cry or laugh. The  tourism dram "Fruit Tear", decided to choose Mike to be in F3 but rumour  saying Mike rejected it cause don't want to be under Vic, causing him to  lose a great drama. Then, news saying that Mike will be in SETTV new  drma "Play basketball, want or not", causing SETTV big brother, Ming Dao  quickly trying to close the news in order to maintain his status.


~~ may mga ganitong issue about papa mike? hay, the price you have to pay for being famous.


8th - posted and translated by apple_juice


Why Why Love will be airing this week, June 3. Recently, Mike, Kingone  and Rainie entering the studio for shooting the poster. But, whenthey  are shooting, Mike and Kingone continously pat Rainie head. Both of  them who busy playing causes the staff which cannot tolerate and when  to drink water instead. The staff said, "Why both of you keep pushing  Rainie head? Is all of you hatress is so deep? Then, why you all don't give  Raine enter the scene beautifully?"


There is also an article in WWL blog written by the staff. When they are  shooting, Mike and Kingone who stand behind Rainie always push Rainie's  head and then asked Rainie who is the one who pat her head? Rainie also  play with them and try to guess. They also said Mike after went to the  computer screen to see the poster picture, he went to oneside to eat  lunch/dinner with Rainie. Their relationship are good although much news  saying how they are not in good terms.


~~ lol! ang kulit talaga ni mike and kingone! at kamusta naman ang game na yun? haha!


9th - i forgot who posted it, but... Credit: human85 of RYIFC SG


this article is about rainie's spider lilies promotion in singapore since it's showing there on june 14.


The Day's Most Revealing Thoughts

"It feels natural for me to be near women since school, but nothing  further."

"This time, it feels happy kissing Isabella (her co-star) in Spider Lillies). She  feels clean unlike guys as they have moustaches or facial hair."

"I was initially shy about the love scenes (with Isabella) and Inorder to  find out more about the role (her character is an online exhibitionist on  those r-rated sites) , I went on to the internet to watch some of these  videos for guys; you guys must know that the first two minutes are free;  their acting movements are quite natural"


~~ wahaha! the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs!! wahaha!!! we have the same thought about kissing girls! didnt i say before that it actually feels more comfy kissing a girl than a guy?


10th - posted by francesca

here's the link to that article since im just summarizing it.

Taiwan stars going places at last

Tuesday June 5, 2007 Singapore


it's about how taiwanese stars are getting the spotlight lately, and i quote:

They are creating a Taiwan Wave as they increasingly win over Asian directors with their fresh pop appeal.


first was jay chou because he starred in 2 box office hits - initial d and the curse of golden flower. we all know that there's the movie for slam dunk where he's the lead star. btw, the title will be kung fu dunk. (lol.) what's interesting is that corey yuen (the director of so close) expressed interest daw in casting him in an action flick with a korean pop star. korean pop star? who could it be?!??!!


second was lin zhiling since she's in battle of the red cliff, starring opposite tony leung and the movie is directed by john woo. can lin zhiling act? i really dont like her.


third was rainie, yeah, because of spider lilies. of course, it was big news since her role there was totally a 360 from her cute image. and i quote:

Meanwhile, pop idol Rainie Yang has been hogging headlines for shedding her cutie-pie image to play a sexy Web-cam girl in the Taiwanese movie Spider Lilies, which was a hit in both Taiwan and Hong Kong.


fourth was dylan kuo, (woot!) im not aware of the horror flick that was mentioned so i cant talk about it, the title is black night. anyway, im familiar with the japanese-china co-prod, it's the movie with zhao wei, title is the longest night in shanghai. gosh, im surprised that it hasnt been shown yet. ive heard of that last year pa.


but according to the article, the actor that's drawing the most praise is chen boling daw. i love chen boling!!! i really wonder what his role in kung fu dunk is! ill post the parts about him, it's overhelming:

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Hong Kong's Wong Kar Wai said Bo-lin has character and audience appeal, reported, while Japan's Shunji Iwai added that there is no actor in Japan who is as 'genuine' as Bo-lin is. Perhaps his only flaw, according to Corey, is his impatience.

Although he is keen to take Bo-lin, 24, to Hollywood, Corey said the actor has a tendency to act hastily, thereby misinterpreting his direction and ending up doing retakes. Also, Bo-lin's artistic leaning may be a stumbling block to international stardom. Instead of fighting for more high-profile projects, he told The New Paper that he has written his own movie scripts and plans to write novels, maybe even an autobiography.

When asked about the emerging Taiwan Wave, the 24-year-old actor was quick to point out that Taiwan's niche is in arthouse films.

'I'm sure Taiwanese movies can retain our unique quality because Taiwan has many small-time directors who will continue making art films,' he said.

'We will never become totally commercialized even as we increasingly make an impact on the international market.'


i agree, taiwanese movies are very artsy. shu qi and zhang zhen were mentioned as well since shu qi appeared in my wife is a gangster 3 and zhang zhen was in that kim kiduk movie - breath.


EPISODE 1 SUMMARY (posted by annie24 @ AF)


Rainie is a poor girl as you know. Her best friend always wants to try to help her and turn her thoughts away from just making money and not dating. So they are setting up a booth at a fair. Mike rides up on his bike and is about to hit Rainie but doesn't. Rainie chases after Mike to repay her for the balloon she lost. He is irritated and goes buy her an ice cream cone while he says he will go buy a ballon for the silly girl. She puts the cone on his shirt and says she doesn't want it, just a balloon. He gets mad and grabs dirt to put on his face. Kingone sees this and gives her a hankerchief. Mike makes a scene at the charity show and makes his dad donate all this money for his little show, his dad leaves and has nothing to say. Mike chooses Rainie to be the person to hold a balloon for him so  he will grab it when his bike is over her head. She agrees b/c she says she trusts him. Kingone confronts her and says she doesn't have to do anything if she is one of the employees for the mall he manages. She still  does it. After the Mike jump, Rainie faints and Kingone catches her.  There is this secretary for the company that looks on jealous. The guys later walk by the booth rainie has and both pick a ticket: mike chooses  the one for one day of her company to do whatever he wants.


kingone chooses the ticket to exchange love. He just gives the money  and doesn't do anything with the ticket.

Fast forward to rainie 20th birthday. As in the preview, the wish of her  best friend is given to her, to ask the 10th guy for his number. Kingone  and Mike are racing, b/c Mike won't go back to school, so Kingone races  him so he will return. Both get in an accident. Rainie and her friend go to  the hospital for one of the guy's number and asks kingone who gives it to  her. The secretary person is jealous again. If Mike had won the race, he  said he would just want the secretary girl, but she seems to only like  kingone. Both stay at the hospital and seem to dislike each other a lot.

Rainie's family situation is not good, her mom owns a fruit stand, bro  dreams of being a model, uncle loses money and is chased by debtors.  Rainie has to work at a gas station to earn money. She doesn't call  kingone although she has his number. She knows it will never work out.


there's another one by carinex88 but it's incomplete so im not posting it anymore. now here's a preview for episode2, posted by fanofsam.


Seems that Mike would have to be confined in a wheelchair as the x-ray show bad injury for his leg.


He will exchange the voucher for Rainie to serve him for the 7 days.


The phone number of King One which he has given to Rainie was posted  on a blog and make him misunderstand that it's Rainie's doing when asked  for the number.


credits: - wwl & rainie threads

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

² cool off - yeng constantino

^ gosh! buong hapon ko pinapakinggan to!


i have these two songs on loop - keith urban's tonight i wanna cry and yeng constantino's cool off. puro break-up songs! wahaha! walang kung anumang koneksyon yan sa totoong buhay.


Tonight I Wanna Cry - Keith Urban


Alone in this house again tonight

I got the TV on, the sound turned down and a bottle of wine

There's pictures of you and I on the walls around me

The way that it was and could have been surrounds me

I'll never get over you walkin' away




I've never been the kind to ever let my feelings show

And I thought that bein' strong meant never losin' your self-control

But I'm just drunk enough to let got of my pain

To hell with my pride, let it fall like rain

From my eyes

Tonight I wanna cry


Would it help if I turned a sad song on

"All By Myself" would sure hit me hard now that you're gone

Or maybe unfold some old yellow lost love letters

It's gonna hurt bad before it gets better

But I'll never get over you by hidin' this way


Cool Off - Yeng Constantino


Wag ka munang magalit

Ako sana'y pakinggan

Di ko balak ang ika`y saktan

Hindi ikaw ang problema

Wala akong iba

Di tulad ng iyong hinala



Sarili ay di maintindihan

Hindi ko malaman,Ano ba ang dahilan

Nang pansamantalang paghingi ko ng kalayaan

Minamahal kita,Pero kaylangan ko lang mag-isa



Wag mong isipin na hindi kana mahal

Sarili ko`y hahanapin ko lang

At ang panahon at ang oras ng aking pagkawala

Ay para rin sa ating dalawa

ahh yeah........


Wag ka sanang lumuha

Sana`y intindihin

Ito ang dapat nating gawin

Upang magkakilala pa

At malaman kung tayo

Ay para sa isa`t isa


Wag mong pigilin ang damdamin

Sa aking pagkawala,

Makahanap ka bigla ng iba

Ngunit pakakatandaan

Na mahal pa rin kita,

Pero kaylangan ko lang mag-isa


(Repeat Chorus)


(Repeat Refrain)


(Repeat Chorus)

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² tonight i wanna cry - keith urban

^ i loved this song eversince chris richardson sang it on american idol. i recently downloaded the original version. i didnt know it was sang by keith urban - nicole kidman's husband!


^ why why love poster

another one: why why love


i went online before going home from g4 last sunday cause ryza jie texted me, asking if ive seen the latest RM pics, clips and news articles. she didnt give away any clues yun pala, mababaliw ako! wah! RM totally made me go mental last sunday! at eto na, i ended up going home at 2am! wahaha! tapang!


i was gonna post parts of the articles sana kaso biglang nag-brownout for like 1 second and then it went back. that's most shitty thing that could happen when im blogging. so yeah, i was not able to salvage anything. argh. ill try to re-save the articles from AF since there are really some good stuff there. there was also a summary of episode 1 and episode 2 preview summary. ill wait for english subs first before i watch the episodes, im not crazy enough to watch 70 minutes of raw why why love. btw, the mom in dby si also rainie's mom in wwl. haha! i wonder why they didnt get peilin to be rainie's bestfriend. she's the only one missing among the main cast.


btw, there's one article sa AF news about show saying he's like the male version of rainie, so i was like, "WHY?!?!" yun pala it's because of the endorsements. so are they the king and queen of endorsements in taiwan now?


some preview clips: (gah! there were a lot of preview clips! ahdhsdjhfkjsdh! but some are just similar.)  --> the game show


i really have a good feeling about wwl. i think it's going to be better than dby in terms of rm moments, cause i think mike's character here is not as rough as ah meng in dby. i think mas magaganda yung scenes, they're more touchy. darn it! dami din ata kissing scenes ni kingone and rainie. wah! im freakin excited. wwl is showing on both cts and gtv pala, every sunday on cts and every saturday on gtv. gtv is a week late so it's going to start on jun 9. wait, is that a good thing or bad thing? kase baka mahati yung ratings. anyway, who cares about the ratings when you have RM? haha! btw, ang kulit nila dun sa clip, dun sa presscon, bigla na lang nag-away! adik! adik talaga si rainie at mike! laging nag-aaway! nasabi ko na to kay ryza jie eh, they remind me of noah and allie in the notebook.


screencaps from the game show:



RM hug!! ang kulit nung host, yakap ng yakap kay mike! wahaha!


some pictures from wwl presscon and promotions:



at nakakabaliw yung rings nila! they have common rings. they’re huge rings so it’s not anything romantic but the fact that they have  something that both of them have says a lot.. shit shit shit. i posted more pictures from their promotion thing than the presscon kase mas gusto ko yung outfit ni rainie. lol! at ang hot ni papa mike! dun sa presscon, they were both wearing the ring on their index fingers, sa right si rainie, sa left si mike. tapos dun sa promotion thing, ganun pa din si rainie, tapos yung kay mike, nasa right ring finger na.


(>_O) (O_<) (>_O) (O_<) (>_O) (O_<) (>_O) (O_<) (>_O) (O_<)


nakakainis si cyndi wang! she also cut her hair short! masyado! lol! nagalit kay cyndi wang? eh wala lang kase... basta... i mean diba, pinagtatapat na nga sila ni rainie tapos nagpagupit pa siya ng ganun din. what is she trying to pull?


nag-debut na ang ft island nung may 27! wah! ft island = five treasure island pala. it's so corny. lol! i know, i know, they're freakin young but junghoon is too cute! at least mas matanda siya kay seungri kaya ok pa din. lol!


^ wah ang adams apple ni junghoon! (yung may guitar sa right!)


si leader shi na naman ang gusto ko! choi junghoon! why does he like biting things? bite me bite me! XD



i like bassist lee jaejin too! im a sucker for bassists and because he's cute!



nasa junior mag sila this month. since im biased, im only posting the group pic and junghoon's. wahaha!




aigoo! may bago na namang girl band - storm! para silang encantadia. lol! i didnt even bother to save a picture. im not interested.


guess who's back? back again... wahaha! it's KOMASHINKI!! (taken from ate tam's blog)


^ summer na summer si moonbin! naka-flipflops! fashionistang bata! kelangan talaga kumpleto siya from head to toe! ang cute cute ni donghoon! kamukha nga siya ni changmin! wahahaha! at si inhwan, talaga naman! ang forever pose! ang cute ng batang to! intoxicating ang super cute smile!


(>_O) (O_<) (>_O) (O_<) (>_O) (O_<) (>_O) (O_<) (>_O) (O_<)


ang ganda ng promise ni se7en!!! pati yung talmul sarang! wah wah! pengeng titles ng maganda se7en ballads / slow tempo songs! ayoko ng mga dance songs niya eh.


kamukha talaga ni valerie concepcion si jang riin sa pictures! wahaha! nakanood kase ko ng sinasamba kita at nakita ko yung pictures ng cats, kamukha niya si jang riin! nakakatuwa pala yung love truly / i really really like you! ANG GWAPO NG MGA BODYGUARDS! eto na nga sinasabi namin ni jhocel eh, sa taiwan at japan, bilang lang yung gwapo pero sa korea, ultimo mga driver at bodyguards, gwapo! haha! ang gwapo nung si robocop at yung katabi ni lee minki nung kumakain sila! wahaha! ang cute talaga nung batang yun! yung anak ni eugene at kim jaewon sa wonderful life, at dito naman, anak siya ni ryu jin.


ang corny naman nung battle of the exes sa pbb! wait, is dyeysi (what's with the spelling?) bruce's girlfriend before he entered the house? i think not. but is she? ang kadiri ni bruce - SEX WITH PEOPLE AROUND? EWW~ yung respeto ko kay bruce, naubos na talaga dahil sa statement na yun! parang medyo gumaan yung loob ko kay miggy, as in gee-ann's ex. sweet din pala siya eh. at gwapo talaga siya! wahaha! pero ang kapal ng mukha niya nung sinabi niya na crush na crush siya ni geeann noon! lol! 4 years pala sila! gawd. tagal din nila, kaya naintindihan ko na si geeann talaga. pero teka nga, ang hirap naman ng weekly task nila ngayon. what the heck?


gawd! akala ko natapos ko na yung peach girl! yun pala nakalimutan ko panoorin yung episode 9! wahaha! ayun na lang kulang ko, episode 9! pero ate least, ahead pa din ako dahil june 9 ang deadline ko for peach girl! wahaha! may deadline pa diba? itinuloy ko na yung to marry a millionaire kase binalik na ng girlfriend ni kuya pero wala pa din yung movie dvd ko! wah! at dahil di nga ko makapag-caps, pinicture-an ko ulit ang tv! wahaha! ang cute ni kibum eh! at may hawig pala si kibum kay lee junki! ngayon ko lang ba napansin to?




i finally finished out of a tainted world by eva. i read it for 4 days, that's matagal. well it's long, it's like 500kb ata sa notepad. it's a minwoo fic.  of course, shinhwa are his friends, hyesung is the other guy, brian is his older brother, hwanhee's brian's friend. ang sama ni brian dito! natangahan tuloy ako sa sarili kung anong relasyon ni minhee kay minwoo! when i found out, i was like, "oo nga naman!" *bonks head onto the wall*


this is my favorite scene, my heart totally went to hyesung.


“This has gone on long enough,” Hyesung said confidently as he sat down on his friend’s bed and placed a strong hand on his shoulder. “Look at me, and answer these questions honestly. When she was in America, did you fear that she would fall in love with someone else and never return? The dress you bought her before she left, did you truthfully want her to wear it for someone else, or did you want her to wear it for you? When she threw her life on the line for you, did you worry that you lost someone close to you, or did you worry that you lost a piece of you? Minwoo… when you look into her eyes, can you honestly say you don’t want to just pull her into your arms and never let anyone else touch her?!”


Hyesung got up and walked away from Minwoo’s bed, deciding to let him ponder the questions himself. “Let Minhee rest in peace… stop bringing her up, and comparing her with Joo-Eun… your heart has stopped it long ago, but you yourself deliberately force yourself to combine the two people… realize that and stop it,” he finally added as he proceeded towards the door.


“Why did you come and tell me all this, Hyesung?”


“… Because I could answer yes to all the questions I asked you.”


With that, Hyesung left.




i started a new fanfic - never meant to be by ji eunie. it's an HOT fic but since it's ji eunie, im reading it. i loved glass rose, even if it's an HOT fic. super start pa lang ako kaya wala pa ko masabi masyado, but im thinking it's a tony ahn-kangta fic. inisip ko pa talaga ko sino nga ba yung seungho sa kanila? wahaha! si tony ahn yun diba? tapos yung hyunie, i was like, "who the f is hyunie?" tapos i thought, chilhyun. ok fine.


may phone na ulit kame! adik talaga yang pldt na yan! nagri-ring naman kase eh! nalaman ko lang that we have our phone back when it rang cause my lola called. i miss lola!


my mom thinks i have ulcer. at may singaw ako sa gum cheek, pero di ko makita dahil ang taba ng pisngi ko! lol!


ang adik ng nanay ko nung natutulog ako nung monday morning! natutulog ako pero naramdaman ko tinitingnan niya yung pwet ko! wahaha! tapos tinanong ko siya kung baket. wahaha! tanong ko talagam "ma, bat mo tintingnan yung pwet ko nung natutulog ako?" wahaha! tapso sabi niya kase daw kala niya ginamit ko yung panty niya kase pareho daw ng lining. pero siyempre hindi naman! duh, eh di ang luwag nun sa laki ba naman ng pwet ng nanay ko. pinakita niya pa yung lining, kase suot niya. tapos sabi ko, "eh suot mo naman pala so pano ko masusuot?! adik!" ang adik niya no? at nakakatawa, pareho nga kame ng suot na undies nun, may cheerleader na print lang yung akin. kamusta naman yung kwento na to? natawa lang kase talaga ko!


--- edit ---


ay ang cute ng pbb episode! nakakatuwa si bea and geeann! ang cute ni bea and ackie! sana magkabalikan sila! i really see myself in bea! promise! naawa naman ako kay geeann.  tumambling ako when miggy said, "amoy bombay." lol! eh nauna naman pala si geeann eh, sinabihan niya pala ng "amoy intsik!" lol! hay... nag-make up pa naman siya at nagtanggal ng jacket! she still loves him, i mean, she wouldnt act like that if she doesnt. she was disappointed na hindi nangyari siguro yung ineexpect niya kaya she didnt hug him back. si miggy naman, i feel like, pinapaasa niya si geeann. sana sabihin niya na kase kay geeann yung totoo, wag niya na sinasabi yung mga ganung bagay. tapusin na kung tapos na talaga, para makapag-move on na din si geeann. oh diba, iba na naman opinion ko ngayon kay miggy. haha!

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² geek in the pink - jason mraz


yep, i didnt even make one for yunho or siwon or hannie.



^ i actually love it. wehehe. pwedeng pang poster ng isang rainie-micky fic! lol! there are actually rainie-micky fics at winglin. lol.

micky's birthday celebration this earlier was so much fun! im waiting for ate edcel to post the pictures. hehe.


 omg! im reading about why why love right now.. wah! rainie, this is your best birthday gift to your fans on your birthday! wah!!!  im going nuts! RM is love!!! i will post RM stuffs, prolly tomorrow. ive so gone mental! i need sleep.

omg! i found the song! it's cool off by yeng constantino! this is my lucky day!




--- edit ---


ive already posted the pictures at my multiply, thanks to ate edcel, ate icze and ate tam!


Micky's 21st Birthday Celebration at G4 06.03.2007


wala naman kame masyadong ginawa sa food court kundi mag-ingay! wahaha! 7 hours kameng nag-ingay sa food court! at nanood din kame ng arashi at kattun clips c/o pao. na-windang naman ako kay akanishi jin! napa-slouch na lang ako sa seat ko dahil di ko na siya kaya! at grabe nga siya makatingin! ayoko magpaapekto sa mga tingin ni akanishi jin! nadadaan ako sa tingin eh! lol! at dahil birthday ni micky, may pictures slideshow at dapat pati yung 4 members! nakakaloka yung kay yunho! parang 4 lang yung nakita ko dahil 100 pictures per outfit! ang adik nung picture-taker, adik mag-snap ng camera niya! lol! nung papunta pala ko ng g4, nakasabay ko ng mrt yung isang member ng anime, si sergio garcia (i looked up his last name sa magazine dahil yung first name lang alam ko!). he's cute, pero alam ko bata pa yun. crush daw yun ni edline haha! at nag-agree pala si edline na kamukha ni papa mike si shin dongook! totoo naman eh! ang cutie-cutie nilang 2! at natatawa pala ko, nag-bilang kame ni jhocel ng gwapong hapon at di na talaga ko makalampas ng 3 - si shirota yuu, hayami mokomichi at matsuda shota lang talaga yung na-count ko! pero ngayon! may naisip pa ko - si takashi tsukamoto na gusto din ni ate dette! pareho talaga kame ng taste ni ate dette! si satoshi tsumaboki, at duh, si takuya kimura! ayun, may 6 na ko! isip-isip pa! ay si tomoya nagase at odagiri joe pero di ko pa sila masyadong gusto. kase naman si tomoya, ikakasal na tapos si odagiri, asexual! aigoo!  natatawa talaga ko nung iniisip ko kung ano bang mga animals yung asexual! *alalahanin ang biology at ang mga phylum* wahaha!


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² VIP - big bang


as usual, super type na naman ako while waiting for pbb.


I dreamt of my first boyfriend last thursday - twice. the first one is something related to reality, kase last sunday, ensy and i were talking about him and in the end, i told her na sige na nga, the next time i see him, im going to approach him 1st. so in my dream, we're both working daw in grocery (paper or plastic? wahaha!) and i approached him and he ignored me. wonder if that's what's going to happen when i do it or will the cliche that dreams are opposites of the reality. he's still in my 2nd dream but i forgot his participation cause i was more focused on the new guy in my dream. lol! he has a name - marco gregorio. wahaha! i think i got the last name from my mom's client, cause she made me do something for that person and i think the last name stuck with me. marco is someone im supposed to work with in this project together. at siyempre, dahil isa siyang lalake sa panaginip, gwapo siya! kabatak niya daw si wu zun! wahaha! and he has a freakin birthday - nov 1 1983! wahaha! tapos bestfriend ko daw si siwon and he has this suju friend with him that i kept calling by a wrong name, but i think the guy was yehsung. lol! grabe, i want to continue this dream cause marco's hot! haha! dati si paolo reyes, ngayon is marco gregorio! kung sino man sila! wahaha!


sabi ni jhocel, inamin na daw ni hwanhee in a recent yashimanman episode that he did his nose. at least. i dont really care that he did that cause he's hotter now. mag-amok tayp kung pumanget si hwanhee diba? wahaha!


my gulay! ang kulit ni wald! kung anu-anong ka-random-an ang pinagtetext! earlier this week niya pa tinetext yang bert at boyet na yan. ngayon, nadagdagan pa ng andy! what the hell? enzy's boyfriend has gone nuts again.


mwahaha! since i cant do screencaps, pinicture-an ko yung tv namin while watching peach girl!! wahaha! i finished 5 episodes! yey!


^ ah li's stolen kiss from xiao tao


^ feeling ko talaga kamukha ni jaejoong si kenji wu sa libe scene na to. lol!


^ argh. that stupid crooked smile that's getting me hooked.


^ magpakalunod nga at maghintay din ako ng magsi-cpr saken.



^ wahaha! may shounen ai din dito! wahaha! aigoo, naunahan pa ni ah li si xiao tao na ma-kiss si dong shi!


^ and just because i love that crooked smile. or smirk. whatev.



wah! victor and verniece were still 1st place on stars on ice! yey! i was kinda freaked out though that they shop together! darn it! verniece is only 13 and vic's my age. goodnesses, but i thought maybe it's just a sibling thing. yeah, ill tell myself that. too bad i wasnt able to see their guesting on moms last friday.


mag-pbb naman tayo.


kian has a pimple! how cute! wahaha! nakakainis naman si geeann! hmp! at napapainom talaga ng water si kian! lol! a guy doesnt get nervous when he's just going to make bola. he's speaking from the heart geeann. give him a chance. bilib talaga ko sa kanya, kung ako si geeann, sinagot ko na si kian. lol! *mek a wish* i was super kilig! and a second later, jhocel texted "kinikilig ako kay kian!" wahaha! it was truly a kilig moment! if you're as observant as i am, im pretty sure nakita niyo din yung eksena na kumakain si kian tapos kasama niya sa beanie bag si bea at geeann at inalok niya ng food si geeann, but the latter refused. ang thoughtful ni kian! it was mickey's birthday?! i thought his birthday is august? at nakakatuwa yung uplate, ang kulit ng sayaw ni nel and kian? when the hell did they find time to rehearse that silly dance? lol!


gaya-gaya si mickey! igagawa din niya ng sandwich si geeann! nauna na kaya si kian! dyusme, mamamatay na ko sa kilig kay kian kanina! putek! he even told mickey to take care of geeann! i was already expecting kian to go, ive already conditioned myself last sunday pa when it was announced that he's nominated. i sensed that he'll be no match to mickey even if this is the first time that we'll actually test how popular mickey is sa voting crowd. but the fight is actually pretty close - 54% to 46% in favor of mickey. at least it was a tough fight kian. siyempre i tuned in to the announcement cause kian and geeann sat beside each other and i know there were going to be kian-geeann moments. kian told geeann, "see you outside the house." aww. they hugged twice. aww. i just really hope geeann realizes kian's sincerity and that she gives her a chance when they're finally outside the house. btw, kian's younger brother is growing in me. sheesh. lol! kian's younger than me, what more his younger brother? oo na, cradle snatcher na ko! proven na yan!


artista na si dionne? err, artista nga pala siya sa cebu. she's in the sam milby-pokwang your song episode this sunday. her role? maid. XD


no matter how many times i watch so close, i still cry over that scene after lynn died and sue was crying infront of her tomb. and funny, now i find karen mok beautiful. wahaha! dati talaga, glai and i are always saying, "she's not pretty!" i guess im just biased cause i had a huge crush on stephen fung a few years back. wehehe. XD


i finally watched dragon squad! yup, vanness' 2nd hk movie! after two long years! im so posting at the vanness thread at tsinoy to make the announcement. wehehe. di kaya batukan ako ng mga jiejie? my review:

Dragon Squad (2005)


at magpopost muna ko ng pic! wahaha!


^ sa cr ng moviehouse when i watched pirates last monday! i tried curling my hair. it's prettier when my hair's layered.



^ im just showing of my new malong, err, KUMOT! wahaha! i love the print! very summery! and it's pink!


WAH!!!! NALULUNGKOT NAMAN AKO SA SONG NG KARA!!!! WAH!!!! track 8! nunmul jiwugae! nunmul daw = tears! wah sad nga siya! wah!!! at nakakatuwa naman, i can recognize chris' voice na! im listening to battle din.


gotta get some shut-eye! ill be meeting the bangers tomorrow at g4 cause it's micky's birthday!!! and ive made a rainie-micky birthday graphic! ill post it on monday!


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² will you wait for me – kavana


1 - yang donggun (79)

2 - karen mok (70)

- seo jiyoung (81)

3 - lee hyunwoo (66)

4 - aj [paran] (91)

- micky park (86)

- rainie yang (84)

6 - kim hyunjoong (86)

7 - cha seungwon (70)

- kim seongmin (74)

- park geunhyung (40)

- tony ahn (78)

- penny lin (78)

- song yuna (73)

8 - dylan kuo (77)

- eun jiwon (78)

- hwichan [battle] (88)

9 - vic zhou (81)

- kary ng (86)

11 - choi jiwoo (75)

12 - makiyo kawashima (84)

14 - lee jun (84)

- dee xu (78)

- jang jinyoung (74)

15 - attack [trax] (85)

16 - joey yung (80)

17 - jo hansun (81)

- ninomiya kasunari (83)

18 - joe zheng (82)

- john bai (80)

- kim kyungrok (84)

- kim jaewon (81)

- jung dahye (85)

19 - ki hyun [battle] (87)

- ella chen (81)

20 - cherrie yin (83)

- michelle reis (70)

- zhang ting (70)

21 - kim ryuwook (87)

- yoo min (79)

22 - stephen chow (62)

23 - isabella leung (87)

- richie ren (68)

24 - ji jinhee (73)

- kim hyunsoo (81)

- kim yeojin (74)

25 - bi (82)

- chae sira (68)

27 - tony leung chiu wai (62)

- kim gyuri (79)

28 - han jihye (84)

29 - david chen

- ha jiwon (79)

- seo joohyun (89)

30 - hong sooah (86)

31 - lee jonghyuk (74)


wah! magka-birthday pala si jo hansun at nino ng arashi!

pareho palang june si rainie at isabella!


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² ai cuo - wang lee hom


i learned some new gay words:


antibiotic - antipatika

lapel - loud voice

pocahontas - prostitute

thundercats - matanda


wala lang.


i have finished the summer house! it's pretty short, it only has 20 chapters. i must say, it's really really really really different from the bartender and the beast and my pingpong boy. now that's a lot of really. haha. it's not a romantic-comedy like those other 2 fanfics, it's more serious and the love story is not really that evident, which i actually liked. at least it was not predictable. but just like her other fics, there's still the witty arguments between the two main characters - choi sooyoung and yoo jaesuk. i just love amaranth's imagination. i swear, how did she ever think of this? the revelations in chapter 15 are just too much! i wanted to kill minji for that, thank for the freaking thunder did it for her. lol. i love park sungwon <3, he's so sweet.


i havent missed any pbb episode this week! i try hard not to cause im thinking this'll be kian's last. gosh, i realized that i really like him. he's so misunderstood, but he's actually a sweet person, and he is gorgeous! i like him best when he's tulala, ang gwapo! lol. XD okay, let's review - wednesday: damn, i wish i could fast-forward wendy-bruce moments. sheesh. ok, ill only talk about the interesting parts (=p) mickey to geeann: "how do you feel about kian?" geeann: "what?" wahaha!! kakatuwa si mickey! wah ang daming kian-geeann moments! thanks to the geeann geeann labandera task! wahaha! kian is so sweet, he even prepared a sandwich for geeann! too bad buddy ate it. i was yelling, "geeann open your eyes! ang sweet kaya ni kian!" at si kuya, super connive, he asked kian to help her! aww! kaloka, geeann's yaya was living with her in her dorm? wahaha! btw, i love that song that was playing during the kian-geeann moments.. yung "wag mong sabihin na, hindi kita mahal..." i always hear that sa pc shop that i patronize eh! im so looking for that song! lol! you know im stupid when it comes to opms. thursday: wah! ganda na ng mickey-geeann-kian love triangle! at nag-hug pa sila ni mickey! wahaha! please, let's not singit bodie anymore! just leave him with his freakin ingrown! haha! ang kulit ni geeann, full make-up maglalaba lang! haha! wah! ang sweet talaga ni kian! once again, he prepared a sandwich for geeann! wah! dammit, why cant geeann see that kian has good intentions? the guy talked about nothing but her when he went outside! i was thinking naman, ok, maybe it's because her boyfriend cheated on her and yeah, when that happens to you, you'll really lose faith in guys, i can understand that. but geeann doesnt feel that way about the other guys, like mickey. i feel like geeann's stereotyping kian because of how he looks. dear geeann, the guy wouldnt exert any effort to tell you how he feels about you or do little sweet things for you if he's just joking around. give him a chance. re wendy-bruce, SI WENDY, PRINSESA? WUSHU! natawa lang ako kay jason gainza sa mirror. lol! he really looks like mura! wahahaha! btw, i agree with i read in the paper - the housemates are getting ugly! they have lots of pimples, robert has one shaved eyebrows and the girl housemates have scars on their knees!


at naloka pala ko, there's still abscbn at 3am?!?! overachiever!


i finally watched taegukgi yesterday! i wrote about it here --> Taegukgi (2004) . but i just have to say, i hated won bin's character. promise. and i hated the south korean government. in the beginning, i was like, "damn these north koreans!" then towards the end, i was like, "gah! i would just join the communists as well!" i was teary-eyed in some scenes but i didnt cry though, i was more spiteful - yes, of won bin's character and the south korean government. that emotion overpowered me. btw, before i started, i was like, "i wonder if ill see jaejoong here." asa pa ko. XD


and i finished peach girl episode 2. i have to watch at least 1 episode per day, but i started last may 28 so i have utang na 2 episodes so i have to watch 3 episodes later. lol. (dear jhocel, i wont be able to return this to you on micky's birthday celebration. at papanoorin ko talaga yung magic ring, promise.) at shucks! paper or plastic has nothing to do with this anymore, i really see jaejoong in kenji wu! they have some resemblance! promise! lalo na yung scene sa libe! wah! AND THAT FREAKING CROOKED SMILE! they smile similarly! darn it! at crush ko na si kenji wu! wahaha! he's mayabang in real life but wth. i actually like him more than vanness here. haha! but i think that'll change once he cuts his hair. XD


WAH DI AKO MAKAPAG-SCREENCAPS! AYAW MAG-PLAY SA DVD-ROM NAMIN! *hate hate hate our pc* i was going to cap kenji and his smile pa naman!


2 days till why why love!!! go RM!!!!!! i just made a new RM banner but i cant get myself to take off moonbin up there. hehe.


btw, i just saw something in my brother's files...


^si jay chou ang bida sa slam dunk ng hk? sana si chen boling si rukawa! sana si yunho pero imposible naman yun diba? wahaha! rukawa rukawa L.O.V.E. rukawa! nakanood kase ko ng slam dunk kanina eh!

Posted at 12:24 am by anne
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I love maknae Seungli.

He is such a cutie.

I like his soothing voice.

He's my fave among the Big Bang boys.

His dancing skills amaze me.

His hip rotation makes me giddy.

If he's being 16 is a problem, dear;

Then I'll go to NSO to change my birthyear.

I made this childish poem for baby,

Because Seungli is V.I.P. =p


- anne 01.07.07


BWAHAHAHA!!! Man, I must be insane. Now you can throw eggs and tomatoes at me. Funny, I made this poem while taking a bath. Lol!!

Ok oppas, don't get jealous over the little corner for Seungri. I just cant take this out cause I made a very creative poem for him! XD



^ Moonbin.

He's a cute and hot kid! Super fashionista too! I wanna kidnap him and take him home! He's going my 3rd son after Andre Jung and Mavie Choi. So he's Andre's brother. Lol! *crazy crazy*


^ Choi Jonghun.
He's so cute kase! I really hate FT Island's name but they're my current guilty pleasure because of him! Leader Shi is so cute! Damn, I'm such a sucker for leaders and 2nd oldest! He's only 178cm, not passing my 180cm mark but he's only 17, he'll still grow like Seungri. XD



^ aka Haduri Guy

Gawd, what the heck is this guy's name? I've been looking for him for more than 2 years already! I so freaking swear, since Feb 2005. Aigoo. I still call him Oh Haeyong, that character from DASH.

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